King Mystrie's Carrd

Artist, Animator and Snail


Commissions are open!


  • Magentialice

  • KingMystrie

What I Will/Won’t Draw

What I will draw

  • Humans

  • Anthro characters

  • Gijinka

  • Feral characters

  • animals/pets

  • Robots

  • More detailed/realistic or cartoon art styles

  • Commercial artwork

  • Character designs

  • nsfw If you are 18 or older (I will check if you are your age if you ask for it)

What I wont draw

  • Paraphilias/"Proship"

  • Real People

  • Hate art

  • Characters not belonging to the commissioner without permission from the character owner (exception for fanart of popular franchises)

  • NFTs

What you can do with the art

  • Share on other websites

  • Use for personal use

  • Send to another artist to complete/edit the work

Unless you’ve commissioned the work explicitly for the intent of being used commercially and stated as such when commissioning I highly recommend NOT to use the works commercially because the quality and style between my regular commissions vary greatly and I will refuse to do work if I feel I am being asked to do too many revisions when it comes to a regular commission price.Prompt sponsorships will always be public domain/creative commons and will not belong specifically to you.That being said, I will also absolutely never accept NFTs being made from any of my work and will deny making work for such a thing.

Commission prices

FUll bodyIconBackgroundCommercial"Sponsorship"
Sketch - 25 USD Full - 50 USd15 USD100 USDDouble price5 USD

You request art outside of these limitations and discuss a price with me at any time. I am open to price negotiations.

Payments will be done via invoice when the payment method allows it. I use both paypal and cashapp.

Category explainations

  • Fullbodies (Art of your characters entire body or less. Props included. Comes with abstract backgrounds if requested.)

  • Icons (A close up of your character, an object, etc.)

  • Backgrounds (scenery, archietecture, backgrounds that are complex and detailed.)

  • Commercial (Art made to exact specifications of any kind for commercial purposes, be it marketing, a part of your work, or otherwise. Many revisions are expected for these.)

  • 'Sponsorship'(An art request that is completed however I feel like it, no take backsies. The art will be public domain, meaning anyone can use it how they please, not just you. Meant for things like fanart, asking me to draw my characters, creataure designs, objects, etc.)